$325.00 $650.00

- Color: Black. Inside: Purple
- Size: L 190mm x W 140mm x H 40mm. Paper Size: L 170mm x W 95mm.
- Composition:100% Italian Leather and Italian Paper 
Outside: Lustrous Genuine Black Fur Leather.
Inside: Genuine Purple Leather. 100% Italian Leather and Italian Paper.
- Country of Origin: Bulgaria
- 3 Large Pockets and 7 Credit Card Slots at the Front
- 2 Large Pockets at the Back
- 6-Ring Binder
- Lightly Scented with the Signature Gyllium Perfume
- Monthly view and weekly view of 12 undated months
- Miscellaneous section, including: Treasure Box, Books to Read, Websites, Utility Details, Account Details, Notes
- Calendar for routine medical check-ups and Dress to Impress section
- 15 black textured dividers with silver hot-foil stamping
- Every The Eternal Winter  is a unique piece of art as it is made of genuine fur and therefore no two agendas can be the same.
The Eternal Winter is a forever classic made of genuine black lustrous fur with monogram details. It is lightly scented with a unique perfume designed especially for the Gyllium brand. On the inside, the delicately tinted pages in the color purple and branded with the Gyllium signature contain the ultimate combination of agenda sections that one would need. The Eternal: Winter is crafted by hand with utmost attention to the smallest details, and will remain an opulent and premium object of desire for ardent admirers of aesthetics. GYLLIUM agenda was recently featured in VOGUE.