Vera de Nero

VERA DE NERO is the New York fashion brand founded by Anna Davis in 2009 with a vision of bringing “The trends of SoHo to the elegant Upper East Side”. Renowned for our signature italian cashmere favored by celebrities and stylish elite women, we have made our mark in the industry as the ultimate destination for confident, empowered individuals. 

The driving force behind VERA DE NERO's designs is to deliver innovative, modern and valuable products to our customers. Drawn to our ideal of femininity, the VERA DE NERO customer expects impeccable service with a strong focus on quality and detail. 

Behind the extraordinary tactile experience lies tradition, creativity, and passion. The “secret” to the quality and prestige associated with VERA DE NERO garments mainly lies in a unique selection of raw materials that work in harmony with our high standards of craftsmanship, technological manufacturing approach, and modern design.