Taller Serra

 Taller Serra, a space for creation and jewelry production, has been successfully managed for 10 years by designer and urban artisan, Cynthia Serrano. Taller Serra is known by its sobriety and high artisan content, with special preference for weaving beads, which has become its distinctive seal.  

Cynthia has grown over a decade together with Taller Serra’s urban artisan team.  Her designs have evolved and her jewelry has crossed frontiers, to a point where she has become a successful Mexican businesswoman.

Her classic style, which at the same time has a strong contemporary presence, maintains the essence of shapes, colors and the emblematic materials of Cynthia Serrano’s design: curves, spheres, spirals and circles, usually    in the grey scale, over the base of metallic tones which come from silver and gold.

Cynthia has participated with Taller Serra in prestigious events and expositions in Mexico, France and the US, among others.







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