Working towards a more sustainable lifestyle, which includes making educated choices about clothing is important for the future livelihood of our planet. Fast Fashion is a growing issue that effects our planet daily. The apparel industry is the second most polluting industry due to excess material that ends up in landfills as well as chemical waste from inefficient supply chains and manufacturers. By outsourcing to overseas  manufacturers, it becomes more difficult to regulate quality, waste as well as worker’s rights. Engaging in sustainable fashion choices helps resolve these issues.

The entirety of our collection is genderless and androgynous. Producing a collection free from constraints of gendered pieces helps further a more sustainable wardrobe so less waste is created on pieces specifically made for a gender. Our designs are inclusive to all.

MALAIKA New York proudly manufactures all products locally, by hand, in New York. Our ability to hand produce and manufacture all products gives us total control over the quality that goes into each garment produced.







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