Designer and actress Mehera Blum is a creator, and it is through this magic of creation that she creates the beauty manifested in her eponymous brand Blumera. Her haute handbags, jewelry, shoes, ready-to-wear and couture all carry Blum’s signature essence, a blend of authenticity and serendipity that results in meticulous craftsmanship as well as stunning beauty. Blum gathers inspiration for her designs through worldwide travel, making connections with both people and the land by focusing on the unique skills and innate resources of each locale. She channels that inspiration into her design, marking each piece with a trace of her heart and soul. Blum’s creations are popular with the Hollywood elite as well as fashion editors, and they’re commonly viewed on the red carpet, in posh boutiques and in department stores worldwide. However, her pieces’ intrinsic value resides in their beauty that reaches through the senses into the wearer’s spirit.