Amber Dubai

Amber Dubai was launched in 2016 by Sapna Mehta. Sapna has been a businesswoman for the last 22 years based in Dubai. She has business interests in the field of oil and gas to hospitality. She has always had a keen eye for fashion and realised there was a need for high quality ,chic cuts and yet comfortable and classy. She spent a couple of years planning her brand which included design, manufacturing and launching and marketing of her brand Amber Dubai. She was very keen to present dubai as an international hub for great womans fashion.

Sapna launched her first collection in 2016 in Dubai. The reaction to her first collection was overwhelming and very encouraging. The collection appealed to so many woman who wanted to look elegant, classy, confident, sexy and comfortable at the same time. Sapna’s second collection that is just launched has been further inspired by all her friends and women she has met all over the world and is confident it will make the women feel even more beautiful and empowered in her dresses. Amber Dubai has just launched its second collection. The Autumn / Winter AW17 collection and the Autumn Winter Luxury and Stylish Fur Trimmed Collection 2017.







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